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We provide a full range of services related to the registration and maintenance of business: opening of bank accounts in various jurisdictions, formation and maintenance of businesses in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, North and South America, brand defense etc. 
We also provide services for the licensing in offshore jurisdictions and European Union countries.
Our experts will hold consultations on the questions you are interested in the field of international tax planning. Turning to us, you get individual attention, as well as provide support for themselves reliable and professional business partner.

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ThatLawFirm professionally carries out registration of companies, maintenance and/or statutory changes  all over the world.

The team of ThatLawFirm will register a company for you in 1-4 weeks (depending on chosen jurisdiction).

Today bank account in a foreign bank is an integral element of the ownership structure of the finance of any successful business.

ThatLawFirm cooperates with many foreign banks worldwide. If you need help in choosing an appropriate foreign bank to open a personal or corporate account. Our specialists will advise you on opening of the account and offer several options in accordance to your requirements.

In all matters of intellectual property protection whether registration and protection of a brand through trademark registration, getting a patent on invention or even filing a lawsuit against infringing party, we are the right one to take care of your intellectual property.

Tax planning is a key service to grow profits by minimizing amount of taxes. In General, the essence of tax planning is to within the framework of the law, to use all possible means and mechanisms to reduce tax liabilities.

We also provide: Notarization and appostiel, registered addresses, accounting and audit, statutory changes etc.;

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