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Doing business in Liberia
A small African country on the West coast of the continent, it would seem nothing can attract offshore business. However, it is not.
The fact that the offshore jurisdiction Liberia is one of the oldest and has enough interesting legislation that ensures a high level of security, even in comparison with the more popular Mauritius.
The most popular form of doing business in offshore Liberia – is the formationĀ of local LLC, which is built on the American model (perhaps because the state was created at one time American slaves, not Britain).
Minimum requirements for the LLC is the presence of a member, moreover, it can be not only physical, but also a corporate entity and be of any nationality and residence.
Company secretary is required and is not required to pay the share capital (usually declare it in the amount of 50 thousand dollars, and pay only $ 1).
An important feature is that the information about the beneficial owner does not appear in any public lists and may not be supplied to local authorities.
Registartion the company without an account can be 1 day.
The bank account will take time, because the reputation of the offshore Liberia still not the best. Therefore, not all companies in the world offering services company in Liberia.
Another popular form of doing business and offer a certain privacy: corporate (non-resident domestic corporations). To create the required minimum of one Director and one Shareholder, as secretary. Directors and owners may be foreigners, including corporate entities.
Reported the true owner and beneficiary, as in the case of the LLC is not necessarily a statutory fund can not pay.
To say more must be about the most transparent and modern form of business is Registered Business Company – RBC. Very similar to the corporation, but in this case the information about the Directors and ownership falls into the public register. The company must fill out annual reports mandatory.
If, however, you are interested in a more transparent business management and have an interest in Africa, Liberia competitive offshore company can not make other offshore areas of the continent.
Interesting fact: according to the requirements of the OECD, the company that owned by foreigners, there is no need to fill the reporting and store it at home. However, local authorities are concerned about how to fix the country’s reputation, after all, may request such statements. Therefore, if you decide to do business in offshore Liberia, it is necessary to store the statements at hand.
Corporate taxes in the offshore jurisdiction Liberia
Liberia – is a serious offshore and offers tax breaks. In particular, LLC, owned by foreign persons and companies are exempt from tax on all global income. Just what was earned in the territory of Liberia, it will be charged to the average taxes.
Much the same applies to corporations that are owned by non-residents, except for the fact that some of the revenues from the use of ships along the coast will be taxed.
Funds in offshore Liberia
Liberia has in its arsenal, including the laws on foundations. They are not popular, but offer high security, since, as with the LLC or corporation, to report on the beneficiaries is not necessary.
The law is based on the Austrian rules, and to register a private foundation, it is necessary to invest 10 000 dollars.
Offshore Liberia is suitable for those looking for privacy above average and not willing to work with the reputation of pure jurisdiction. The country offers offshore companies almost mythical level of secrecy, which today no longer know.
This country is rapidly improving and evolving, and if we can avoid another conflict, then there is every chance that Liberia will become another important and interesting offshore financial center in the world.
How to register the company in Liberia?
If You are interested in starting the company in Liberia or to open a bank account in Liberia, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.