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Starting a business in Marshall Islands
Marshall Islands is another interesting jurisdiction, which is to pay attention. It is an island nation in the western Pacific Ocean – roughly midway between Indonesia and Hawaii, associated with the United States (ie, it has the same status as, for example, Puerto Rico).
However, in the business world of the Marshall Islands gained its fame thanks to the vast possibilities of registration of corporations and partnerships with zero taxation – they provide their owners a very great convenience and flexibility to use and relatively inexpensive to register and maintain.
Legislation regulating aspects of the establishment and functioning of international business corporations (IBC), Ltd. (LLC) or limited partnerships (LP) is largely copied from similar legislation of the US state of Delaware, gained a reputation as an international standard business friendly and flexible to use.
Recall that, in practice, limited partnerships allow arbitrarily allocate responsibilities, profits and losses between the partners. Usually, LP (limited partnership) is made up of the limited partners and at least one general partner, who oversees the management of the partnership.
Top features of international business corporations (IBC) and limited partnerships (LP) are inherent in this form of incorporation, as the LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) – founders of LLC are protected from liability in excess of invested capital and profits and losses can be arbitrarily distributed among the founders.
International Business Corporation (IBC), registered in the Marshall Islands – the perfect solution if you want to ensure the simplicity and ease of sale of the Corporation in the future (for example, it can be useful when creating a startup aimed at several rounds of investment or when the planned further withdrawal shares of the corporation on a stock exchange).
Suffice it to say that stocks have tens of IBC, registered in the Marshall Islands, now publicly traded on stock exchanges in New York, London and Singapore, and the international business corporations comes from the Marshall Islands have been a pretty tough review process common to these marketplaces.
Offshore in the Marshall Islands. Features.
The number of directors and shareholders – from 1 person. They may be nominal.
Necessarily the presence of the Secretary.
The issue of shares without par value. Bearer shares are prohibited.
The shareholders’ meeting may be held anywhere in the world, via telephone, regularity and time of the meeting – not installed. No requirements to the storage protocol, he was elected to the shareholders themselves.
The authorized capital of the offshore company in the Marshall Islands – is not defined, but must be declared. Thus the timing of its payment is not specified.
The company name must be unique and not similar to the existing ones. Register your name in any language can be when the translation into French or English.
The company in the Marshall Islands can choose any bank for cooperation, as well as the number of accounts that are required for commercial use. All banking operations are conducted in confidence, information about them is not disclosed.
Open to third parties is only the information about the name of the company and the changes that have occurred in the constituent documents. In the registry, there is no information about the beneficiary.
Offshore should be registered in the Marshall Islands, in addition, need a registration agent.
An offshore company in the Marshall Islands can not:
– Have a commercial relationship with residents;
– Ownership of real estate in the Marshall Islands;
– Involve in the management of the company resident of the organization;
– To provide registered agent services to resident companies.
In addition, financial and insurance activities subject to licensing.
Taxes in the Marshall Islands
An offshore company in the Marshall Islands are not subject to taxation (including stamp duty, income tax and the transfer of shares).
Accounting in the Marshall Islands.
If you decide to buy the company in the Marshall Islands, then know that you will not have to submit reports on its activities.
How to register the company in the Marshall Islands ?
If You are interested in starting the company in Samoa or to open a bank account in Samoa, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.