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Formation a company in Niue
Niue Island is self-governing public education in the Pacific Ocean, being in free association with New Zealand state. Borders Niue contact with the territorial waters of the islands of Tonga, Cook Islands, American Samoa.
Forms of doing business.
Register a business in Niue can be liberated in the form of companies, International Business Company (IBC).
The legislative framework.
Control over the activity of an offshore company in Niue is conducted under the provisions of the Act on International Business from 1994.
Register offshore company in Niue. The main provisions.
The Company may conduct any lawful activities, except for the provision of banking, insurance and reinsurance, as well as trust services requiring special licensing.
Offshore in Niue can not conduct business with residents of the jurisdiction, as well as on the territory of Niue own real estate.
The period of registration procedure – up to 2 working days.
The company name must be original, that is identical or different from existing ones. Limited, Corporation, Societe Anonyme and other words that are present in the names of liberated companies can be part of the name of the offshore company in Niue.
To register, you must provide the company Charter and founding memorandum.
Fixed minimum and requirements for mandatory payment of the authorized capital is not. The proposed size of the authorized capital – $ 50,000, this is divided into 50,000 shares, each with par value of $ 1.
Issued registered shares and bearer with no par value.
The company may have one shareholder (natural / legal person). Permitted nominee service. Shareholders may hold shares of the trust.
The minimum number of directors freed the company – one (physical / legal entity). Director of Rights limited only by the scope of competence of the shareholders as set out in the Charter and the Memorandum.
There are no registration requirements of the real owner of the company in Niue.
Information on banking operations available to third parties.
On the territory of Niue should be a registration office and registered agent.
Location and method of assembly chosen by the participants themselves. No requirements on the storage location minutes of meetings.
Exchange controls are not carried out.
Taxes in Niue.
An IBC Niue fully exempt from taxes and duties.
Accounting in Niue.
An offshore company:
– Does not keep accounting records;
– Does not provide an annual report;
– Is not subject to audit.
How to register the company in Niue ?
If You are interested in starting the company in Niue or to open a bank account in Niue, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.