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Starting a business in Samoa
The small country of Samoa is located on nine Islands in the South Pacific ocean, between Sydney and Gonolupu.
Thanks to well-developed infrastructure and transparent legal system based on English law, Samoa became a popular offshore jurisdiction in the region, being a profitable option for the registration of international companies and tax optimization.
Offshore companies Samoa gained popularity due to symbiosis favorable political, economic and social conditions in the region. The state is not listed in the black list of FATF and OECD, a prerequisite for the development of profitable operations with zero taxation (if the business is conducted outside the Islands).
Advantages of company registration in Samoa:
Samoa is a jurisdiction with a good reputation. This state is not in the “black list” of the OECD.
Jurisdiction is known for its social and political stability.
Corporate law jurisdiction guarantees a high level of privacy for the owners of companies.
Simplified registration of the company in Samoa, its low cost.
Well-established favorable relations with financial centers in many countries.
Support from the government of the island attracts new investors, government agencies and policies aimed at making Samoa a competitive offshore center Pacific.
Registered companies in Samoa are exempt from taxes on profits, dividends, interest.
No stamp duty.
No income tax on the deposits of companies IC, if they are located in the local banks.
There are no strict requirements on accounting, delivery of the annual financial statements and audit.
There is no ban on the transfer of funds outside of the jurisdiction, there is no exchange control.
Meetings of shareholders and directors are allowed to hold in any country.
The procedure of liquidation of the company is made under the simplified scheme.
It allowed the use of nominee services.
No requirements for the authorized capital.
Not signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation agreements with other countries on the exchange of tax information.
Permitted transfer of IC in other jurisdictions.
Forms of doing business.
Register your business in Samoa in order to generate stable income and investment, preferably in the form of International Company (IC), an international company.
Comopany registration in Samoa
On the basis of the international companies of 1987 registered in Samoa offshore companies receive the status of the International IC. Under this law, companies are allowed to engage in any activity permitted by law. At the same time the company’s operations have a number of restrictions:
It is prohibited to conduct banking, insurance, reinsurance activity without a special license. Trust activities, and activities associated with the funds are also subject to licensing.
Of IC are not entitled to own property in Samoa.
It is forbidden to conduct various business activities with the residents of the jurisdiction.
Not allowed bearer shares without par value declared.
The company has a secretary-resident or a resident agent.
It is possible to conduct any lawful activity.
Samoa must be a registered office and registered agent of the company.
Company name must end in Samoa abbreviations Ltd, Corp, Inc, NV, GmbH, SA. Legislation Samoa also has a special provision stipulating that the official name of the company, its Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association does not necessarily have to be written in English and in any other, including the dialects of Chinese.
The proposed authorized capital of $ 1 million (paid up capital is not required).
Not allowed bearer shares.
Not authorized shares without par ads.
The minimum number of shareholders for the purpose of incorporation in Samoa – one (physical / legal entity).
The minimum number of directors for the company IC’s self – as a (natural or legal person).
Allowed nominee shareholders and directors.
How to register the company in Samoa ?
If You are interested in starting the company in Samoa or to open a bank account in Samoa, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.