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Doing business in Seychelles
Seychelles is not just a great place for an unforgettable holiday, but also a great offshore jurisdiction. Seychelles stretch to the west of the Indian Ocean, and every tourist lure its emerald waters and measured way of life.
Despite this, as a tourist destination Seychelles is not the budget option that can not be said about the establishment of the company in this jurisdiction. Is affordability in tandem with the English Common law, which was inherited, gained recognition and interest of thousands of international entrepreneurs.
Independence offshore the Seychelles in 1976. Along with other former overseas territories Seychelles preserved the traditions and laws of the previous owners, today is a very powerful argument when choosing an offshore jurisdiction.
Due to the flexible tax legislation and excellent conditions for the preservation of confidentiality, Seychelles do not lose their popularity. The major bonus when using the Seychelles company is the ease and simplicity of use of this tool for tax planning purposes. The process of registration is governed by the Companies Act of International Business (English. The International Business Companies Act), adopted in 1994.
Today, twenty years later in the Seychelles reported more than 90 thousand. Offshore companies who are willing to enjoy all the benefits of an offshore jurisdiction and are widely used in numerous international business directions.
Seychelles imply territorial tax system, it follows that an offshore company in the Seychelles is exempt from any tax, if it operates outside the island nation.
Also, the jurisdiction does not require filing or reporting company, but implies the payment of an annual fee for its content.
Requirements for offshore companies in the Seychelles are as follows:
– The presence of one shareholder and one director (at least) – physical or legal entity.
– Have a registered agent;
– It has a registered office in the Seychelles, which is to be located at the location of the registered agent;
– The magnitude of the standard authorized share capital is 100 thousand. USD. But the payment of minimum amount of authorized capital as of the date of incorporation and the presence of Secretary-General are not binding;
– The general meeting of directors or shareholders of the company does not require the annual convocation.
– The necessity of putting statements is absent, but the company is required to maintain internal accounts showing the financial position of the organization.
– The company name should be used the following words: Aktiengesellschaft, Corporation, Incorporated, Limited, Sociedad Anonima, Society Anonyme, or an abbreviation: Corp., Ltd., Inc., S.A., A.S. or AG. This MUST NOT be used in the name of an IBC words such as Assurance, Building Society, Bank, Chamber of Commerce, Cooperative, Chartered, Foundation, Imperial, Government, Insurance, Municipal, Trust and others that resonate with the government or other public authority.
Registrar of Companies in Seychelles closed, therefore, access to the register of shareholders, managers and directors is not available to third parties. Also worth mentioning is that the Seychelles, it is absolutely independent offshore, unlike, for example, from the BVI or Normadskih islands. It is a stable political and economic situation of the country and give an additional guarantee of confidentiality of the owners of offshore companies in Seychelles.
In the Seychelles is possible to register a company in just a few days, you can buy ready-made in just a few hours. The fact is that the ready-made Seychelles offshore are available almost immediately, as a set of documents already contains all the necessary details for the contract. Entrepreneur received corporate documents on offshore business, it has the right to immediately carry out transactions on behalf of the company.
It should be noted that the risk of the acquisition of such companies is minimal, because sold ready offshore never conducted any activities, and they are not open bank accounts.
The forms of offshore companies and other entities:
Most often an offshore company (Seychelles) registered as international business companies (International Business Company or IBC). Also in demand Trusts Partnership (Limited Partnership) Company and resident of Special License.
Seychelles is also used for the registration of offshore banks, insurance companies, investment funds.
Corporate taxes in the offshore jurisdiction of Seychelles
Corporate taxation in offshore Seychelles is the typical tax haven. For standard IBC taxes are zero percent for international revenue. When working through the CSL, the rate “dramatically” increased to 1.5% of world income.
This is also one of the reasons, which, coupled with other makes Seychelles so attractive to entrepreneurs from around the world.
Trusts in offshore Seychelles
I want to say that the Seychelles trusts are very popular, probably not, because the number of registered trusts are not too large. However, the level of secrecy of this form is very, very high. Disclose information in fact only in rare cases, by the court of the islands themselves. In other cases, it is strictly forbidden.
Founded the International Trust can either Seychelles offshore non-residents or companies, including local. Harassment because of fraud is limited to two years, plus there is no possibility of forced succession.
So those who take care of the security of their assets, even taking into account deofshorizatsii, trust in the Seychelles can be useful. We add only that the international trusts in the Seychelles are not covered by local taxation.
Funds offshore Seychelles
Another useful design – it funds (foundations). When creating such a structure requires confirmation from the local regulatory body, but if the lawyers will work in advance and get the “pre-confirmation”, the procedure of establishing a fund can be completed on the same or next day.
Create the fund not need to invest large sums – the minimum limit is $ 1 US dollar. State fees are also very low, which makes this place very attractive.
How to register the company in Seychelles ?
If You are interested in starting the company in Seychelles or to open a bank account in Seychelles, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.