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Starting a business in South Africa
In South Africa there are some organizational and legal forms of business. The most important and common ones are:
– individual business with one owner;
– Business registration in South Africa joint business with other partners;
– private corporation, in which creation can take only individuals;
– Closed or open company;
– registration of a legal entity formed outside of South Africa, as a “foreign company” in South Africa.
The company is registered by filing the constituent documents (Memorandum and Articles of Association, as well as other securities), the Registrar of Companies. At the same time conduct business company may only after obtaining permission from the registrar. Business, which is engaged in the enterprise, must conform to that specified in its Memorandum. Companies may be established in the form of private / private company (indicated by the words «(Pty) Ltd» or «(Proprietary) Limited», that go after the title) or in the form of public / public company (denoted by the word «Ltd» or «Limited» which is placed after the name).
In addition, they can be created as a limited liability company that established not for profit, but for charity (with altruistic, philanthropic or special purposes).
Private / closed company may be established by one or more natural or legal person and can not have more than 50 shareholders. Despite the fact that such companies are required to submit an annual financial statement, it is not served in the Registrar of Companies, and does not become public.
Public / public company established by shareholders at least seven. It is obliged to provide annually to the Registrar of its financial statements, which can be verified by an independent commission.
The businessman, who plans to open own company on the territory of the Republic of South Africa, must first submit the constituent documents for registration to the Commission by companies and intellectual property (CIPC).
Taxes in South Africa
The income tax rate is generally 29%.
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How to register the company in South Africa ?
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