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Doing business in the Cook Islands
The Cook Islands is lost in the South Pacific small state. This is a relatively popular tourist destination, where the weather is nice emphasizes beautiful beaches and palm trees.
In addition to tourism cook Islands as offshore work, in particular, as a basis for a very reliable trusts. Tightly linked with New Zealand, but has plenty of its own will and, in a sense, is under the protection of his neighbour.
Business registration in offshore jurisdictions Cook Islands
Offshore Cook Islands is not too well known as the birthplace of the international companies IBC or LLC multinational companies. But at the same time it can be done and even get quite favorable conditions. In particular, local companies are well known and accepted by the Bank, and colleagues from the Asian-Pacific market. Although if the target is other regions, issues may arise due to low popularity.
A distinctive feature of the local companies that need to submit an annual report on the state of the company. And we are not talking about the full accounting and the overall financial condition of the company at the end of the year.
In addition, it is necessary to know that in the Cook Islands offshore Directors and managers of managers of the companies entered into a closed case.
When creating an International company (IBC) requires one Director and one of Shareholders (shares); authorized capital of about NZ $ 5000; Registered office and secretary in the Cook Islands. An interesting feature in that the bearer shares are permitted, but must be the custodian.
Speaking of a limited liability company (LLC), we can say that they are less popular, although the conditions are also relatively simple: one board member, secretary and registered office in the Cook Islands, as well as the opportunity to create bearer shares and keep them with the custodian.
Corporate taxes in the offshore jurisdiction of the Cook Islands
Corporate taxation in the offshore Cook Islands simply remarkable: in fact it is not. IBC activities are not taxed, as LLC, too, if the income passes through it (often they are used in conjunction with the trusts, which are very popular).
Limited popularity, despite the attractive conditions associated with the high cost of opening the company. But this does not stop those who create these powerful structures for asset protection.
Trusts in offshore Cook Islands
Offshore Cook Islands called “Paradise inaccessible assets” (the newspaper New York Times). That glory went to the islands due to a very serious legislation is in the field of trusts.
The great thing about it is not the bare words, and proven facts: even the United States was unable to reveal the well-structured trusts created for the protection of assets.
To suit the offshore Cook Islands?
Offshore Cook Islands is perfect for those who thought about the serious protection of their assets. Properly structured trust with the LLC may be the last and most powerful obstacle to unwanted attention.
How to register the company in Cook Islands ?
If You are interested in starting the company in Cook Islands or to open a bank account in Cook Islands, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.