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Starting a business in Vanuatu 
Vanuatu is a tax haven favorable: there is no income tax, corporate tax, capital transfer tax, inheritance tax, income tax and turnover tax.
“Untouched Paradise” – a characteristic associated in the world with a small government Vanuatu, that is compact is located in the South-Western Pacific ocean. So the name means “the land forever.” We will not talk in riddles, and move on to the reason that the land of Vanuatu became for many the personification of paradise. The fact is that not only and not so much cultural identity and the nature of the country affected the image of a Vanuatu, rather it is necessary to talk about a tax haven, in which Vanuatu has become in recent years.
Register the company in Vanuatu can be in the following forms:
– international company;
– liberated company;
– Trust;
– A local company (suitable for doing business in the territory of jurisdiction).
The first three types are the classic offshore companies in Vanuatu.
Permitted activities
Any activity allowed by the law
Mandatory requirements for offshore company
Available in Vanuatu registered office and registered agent.
The company is fully exempt from taxes
Company name
The company name must end with Limited for Exempted Company and to any end, which means a limited liability company for the International Company “IC” (International Company), and may contain letters Russian, Chinese, Japanese alphabet etc.
The authorized capital of the company
The proposed share capital – 10,000 USD (paid authorized capital is not required).
Bearer shares
Not allowed.
Shares without par ads
Shareholders and Directors
The minimum number of shareholders – one (person or entity).
The minimum number of directors – one (person or entity).
Nominee shareholders and directors
Register the company in Vanuatu this means to obtain guarantees invariance of the course taken by the government in the economic sphere. And that, you see, it is extremely important for any entrepreneur.
With our help offshore Vanuatu will take place in the shortest possible time. Successful business in Vanuatu – this is not the distant future, and the visible reality.
How to register the company in Vanuatu ?
If You are interested in starting the company in Vanuatu or to open a bank account in Vanuatu, then please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.