Merged Flag of China and Hong Kong painted on grunge concrete. Concept of Hong Kong being the first Special Administrative Region of China on 1 July 1997, under the principle of "One Country, Two Systems."

Hong Kong Special administrative region of China – today is promising tax jurisdiction, which has been successfully used by companies involved in international activities. In this article we want to offer You to register a company in Hong Kong.
Advantages of company incorporation in Hong Kong:
The main advantage of Hong Kong is territorial principle of taxation. That is, the company’s profits earned from activities outside the territory of Hong Kong is exempt from taxes.
In addition, in Hong Kong there are no such traditional for many foreign countries tax as capital gains tax, repatriation of dividends and interest payments, value added tax, sales tax, a tax on undistributed profits and the collection of social insurance, as well as no annual taxes on its own property / capital.
In addition, the indisputable advantages of Hong Kong’s jurisdiction are:
– simple tax laws;
– low (compared to Western countries) tax rate on income earned in Hong Kong – only 16.5 per cent, while there is a rather big list of tax benefits and expenses that reduce the taxable base;
– Exclusive advantages for investing in mainland China.
The above benefits with the fact that the jurisdiction of Hong Kong is the third world financial center, Hong Kong company makes the best and prestigious tool for optimization of business taxation in Asia and other regions.
In addition, Hong Kong for over 160 years, is recognized worldwide as the best point of access to China for foreign business.
These countries are linked politically, historically and geographically therefore, in Hong Kong are most familiar with the methods and nuances of working with Chinese partners.
In addition, due to the presence of certain agreements, Hong Kong companies have easier access to the Chinese market – for their simplified customs and sanitary formalities and much more.
The whole process of company registration in Hong Kong will only take a week. In addition, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the accelerated incorporation of the company in Hong Kong in just 1 day!
The first thing You need to do if You wish to register a company in Hong Kong to prepare all the necessary information, including the form and structure of the company, as well as variants of its name.
Please note that to open a company in Hong Kong, you must have at least one secretary, shareholder and director (they can be both legal and natural persons). On each of them need to send documents from the copy of the passport and proof of address (a copy of a utility bill or bank statement with a clear indication of address).
The second thing You need to do is applying in KLSW. To do this, send an email to
The third step is direct registration of the company in Hong Kong. After payment is received we will approve your company name and register it. A few days later, after a successful registration, we will send you a package with stamps and documents on the company’s finished.
That’s all. It is obvious that to register the company in Hong Kong is not difficult. And in doing so with our help, You will receive full service in your language directly from Hong Kong!
Opening a Bank account in Hong Kong company worldwide for business.
For Your new Hong Kong company sooner or later need to open a bank account.
Hong Kong law allows you to open an account for the Hong Kong company anywhere in the world. If you want to make it too remotely without leaving your country, our experts will advise you on the choice of the country to open a bank account. We will open a bank account in your company in Europe, Asia or the Caribbean.
Sometimes you may need to open a bank account in the place of incorporation. Then You will need to visit Hong Kong for an interview at the Bank because Hong Kong banks can’t open accounts for non-residents remotely.
We will help You to get the bank account in such reliable and renowned Hong Kong banks as Bank of China, China Trust Commercial Bank, China CITIC Bank International, DBS Bank and others. Hong Kong banks are famous for providing the best services of Internet banking, that is, in the future, you can easily and comfortably be able to manage the bank account of his company remotely from your country.
Please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.