Mauritius is recognized by the international community financial center


One of the highly developed countries is offshore and the island nation of Mauritius. Initially, all the financial power of the country have been directed to cooperate with the Asian region. The largest historical partner of Mauritius remains India. After signing a series of agreements on avoidance of double taxation with several countries of the African region, Mauritius has become a full-fledged “gateway” for investment in Africa.
Offshore attractiveness of Mauritius
Despite its remoteness, the country is not deprived of the attention of the international community. In particular, it concerns tax matters. Many people mistakenly believe that the distant island nation – the ideal place to create a “tax haven”. But, according to OECD estimates, Mauritius is not one of these countries.
Naturally, Mauritius, being one of the biggest offshore, has the right to protect the confidentiality of certain types of information. In particular, it relates to personal data of investors. But as for the decryption of the tax reporting of world economic entities, there is maximum transparency respected. Recall that the main feature of the classic “tax havens” is the maximum secrecy and opacity across both personal and tax information of investors.
This situation is largely due to signed government agreements on avoidance of double taxation, which already has more than 39 contracts. It is worth to pay tribute to Mauritian officials. Given the imminent extinction of the Indo-Mauritian cooperation, the country is actively seeking new potential markets. Only in the last three years, was signed by 9 more agreements on cooperation in the tax area, another awaits signing and 17 – at the negotiation stage.
Keeping accounting and tax features of the disclosure in Mauritius meet the standards and requirements of the OECD. This allows the exchange of tax data with the various states in the automatic mode. In 2013, the Global Forum on transparency and exchange of information, the country was awarded the honorable 6th place and status “largely compliant”. In general, the Mauritian tax system of data processing and exchange, similar to the British and Singaporean systems and is part of the so-called OECD “white list”.
Investment through Mauritius – key benefits
Cooperation with Mauritius – a reasonable measure for modern investors. Most European markets are already “overloaded” international investment, which makes them highly competitive. At the vaunted guarantees and protection of investment, investors receive a lot of requirements and criteria that must comply. But given the obvious political and economic instability in the EU, investment in alternative sources – far-sighted decision.
It is worth noting that the African region as a platform for international investment is still the “nedoraskrytoy”. The full economic potential is not being used even by a third, which could play into the hands of international investors.
As for the advantages of cooperation with the Mauritian offshore to enter the African markets, they are not inferior to the famous list of the Seychelles and Cyprus, as follows:
1. The development of a legal system that allows you to fully protect the property and interests of investors.
2. Compliance with the Mauritian legal framework with international requirements and recommendations. This fact does not only guarantee the safety of investments, but also facilitates the process of cooperation with foreign nationals. Moreover, the authorities of Mauritius concluded a number of agreements on investment promotion and protection. They suggest:
– free repatriation of capital investments, dividends, interest and other income;
– protection and compensation in the event of expropriation;
– compensation in case of uprisings, armed conflicts, wars and other unforeseen riots;
– deliberate mechanisms for the settlement of disputes between the investor and the host country (in this case, the final authority is the Court of Appeal of the United Kingdom).
3. In addition to the vast arsenal of financial services, Mauritian side can take on any international transport. The country has a lot of transport companies, trusts, foundations and partnerships with limited liability, which creates unique conditions for all cross-border transactions. Plus, the state is well developed banking sector and outsourcing.
4. In this country, one of the best in the region, legal frameworks for the protection of immovable property, including inheritance, establishment and management of investment funds work.
5. Mauritius – developed democratic country with a stable political and economic situation. It actively cooperates with other countries and international institutions.
6. The country is a member of the major African regional organizations and can provide preferential access to the local investment market.
7. Mauritius jurisdiction, thanks to the world’s largest number of concluded agreements on avoidance of double taxation with African countries, is ideally suited for tax planning. It is clear that in the foreseeable future, this island nation is beginning to gain weight among the world’s offshore. In the context of global instability investors increasingly have to resort to non-standard decisions and to look for alternative solutions, and Mauritius – is one of them.
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