Global Bank of Commerce is a great bank in solar Antigua and Barbuda

The government of Antigua and Barbuda is located on three islands – Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda, and is in the group of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean Sea.

If you decide to associate your business with Antigua and Barbuda, you will not be disappointed. Despite the fact that the emphasis island nation makes to tourism, it does not affect the good development of the financial sector.

Modern Antigua and Barbuda is a member of the UN, Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean countries, The Commonwealth of Nations, the Caribbean Community, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States, the Organization of American States, the World Trade Organization, the Eastern Caribbean Regional Security System, and is a member of the International Criminal Court .

With such a successful and favorable development of this small island state somewhere in the distant warm areas modern successful Caribbean Bank, which is active at international level has been established and is in step with the times. The name of the bank’s Global Bank of Commerce Ltd. ( “GBC”).

Bank story began thirty years ago, when the Global Bank of Commerce began its activity (1983) in Antigua and Barbuda.

Global Bank of Commerce was the first bank, which received a license to conduct banking activities in Antigua and Barbuda under the International Business Corporations Act of 1982.

Today, Global Bank of Commerce has the honor to be one of the pioneers of international financial services in the financial center of Antigua and Barbuda jurisdiction.

Global Bank of Commerce attracts its customers through a wide variety of banking services, such as:

  • Accounts that generate interest income in USD, EURO, GBP and CAD;
  • Modern menu of investment products managed by the investment department, GBC Wealth Management Ltd;
  • E-commerce Trading Program;
  • An international team of dedicated and professional managers with extensive experience in international banking;
  • Online banking Globex Secure system.

In the modern era of information technology Global Bank of Commerce understands that appropriate access to the data makes the difference between a good and a brilliant solution. In this regard, Global Bank of Commerce has developed a first-class internet banking platform.

Despite the fact that the Global Bank of Commerce offers a completely automated online banking system, the maximum available for the convenience of bank customers, Global Bank of Commerce recognizes that the financial needs of each client are unique.

Depository services

Global Bank of Commerce offers various types of bank accounts, that will satisfy the long-term and short-term needs of customers cash management. The bank may offer its services to the standard bank deposits to complex investment products.

Current account:

  • Please draw your attention that the minimum account balance is USD 5,000.
  • No cumulative percent.
  • Printing on the account is available on the Internet – bank.
  • Transfer of information and data, paid service.
  • Deposit account money market
  • Minimum balance is $ 20,000.
  • Cumulative interest accrued daily and paid quarterly.
  • If the account balance is below the specified amount, the quarterly interest payment does not occur.

International – flexible account

  • The certificate of deposit is the minimum amount of $ 100,000.
  • fixed term deposit can range from 3 months to 5 years.
  • Interest rates are not fixed and may change according to market trends.
  • In addition, the deposit can be made from the account at any time and in such a way to get the best interest rate.
  • During the year, allowed cash withdrawals from the deposit at a rate of no more than 25% of the balance in accordance with the following conditions:
  • Balance on deposit at least $ 100,000;
  • Not more than four cash withdrawals in one calendar year.

The correspondence banks Global Bank of Commerce are well-known banks such as Bank of America and Deutsche Bank.

For the successful management of their funds, we suggest you open a Bank account in the Global Bank of Commerce remotely in Antigua and Barbuda.

Personal account in the Global Bank of Commerce

In addition to the expanded range of savings accounts, the bank also offers a checking account for day to day operations. Thanks to your checking account, you will be able to manage their assets easily and quickly make the necessary financial transactions, pay bills, and use the funds for personal purposes.

  • Minimum account balance – USD 5,000.
  • No cumulative percent.
  • Printing on the account is available on the Internet – bank.

Private banking in Global Bank of Commerce

The Bank offers private banking, for customers interested in helping property management, planning of inheritance, trusts and international corporations.

The Bank is working closely with professional asset management company and offers its services at the highest level. These investment bank partner companies, are similar to those found in other international financial centers, such as the UK, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Among the most common services are the following:

  • discretionary investment management services to clients who wish to diversify the investment portfolio at the international level;
  • providing investment consulting;
  • international trusts and estate planning services.

Internet banking Globex Secure

Globex Secure globalization the world is a major cause for the development of Internet banking in the Global Bank of Commerce. The Bank offers a modern online platform with a user-friendly interface and instant access to their funds.

Owners of private accounts can easily communicate with the bank via the Internet bank, check account balance, their investments and give instructions to his banker.

Globex Secure – is a fully automated online banking system, the maximum available for the convenience of bank customers, because the financial needs of each client are unique.

Merchant Acquiring a global e-commerce

Global Bank of Commerce, provides full service for e-commerce, which include resolution, settlement, screening and prevention of fraud and the processing of payments. As part of this service, the Bank also conducts regulatory and fiduciary due diligence, risk management, compliance with the rules of verification customers, trade associations, and provides banking services. Merchant services are available to account holders, who are the founders of the international business corporations in Antigua and Barbuda.

Fees for bank services

Services Fees


Personal Accounts$3.00 monthly
Business/Corporate Accounts$10.00 monthly
E-Commerce Merchant Account$100.00 monthly
Min. Balance Deficiency Fees
Account TypeMin. Bal.Fees
Current$5,000.00$20 Monthly
Money Market$20,000.00$50 Quarterly
Classic Savings$200.00$10 Monthly
Gold Savings$1,000.00$50 Quarterly
Gold Bond$25,000.00$5 Monthly
Standing Instructions & Collections Items 
Set up fee for direct credit/debit orders$20
Standing Order$5 per transact.
Internal Transfers$3 per transaction
Payment of other banks cheques deposited

and sent for collection

$2 per item


Dormant Accounts 
Administrative Fee$25
Other Account Services 
Bank Reference letter$25
Audit Confirmations$40
Credit Report$25
Hold Mail$5 monthly
Account Research$25 p/h

The Bank can provide communication with the client in English or Spanish. If you wish to open an account at Global Bank of Commerce, please contact us by e-mail and we will help you become the owner of a bank account in a tropical paradise, which may surprise you not only the nature of magic, but also a stable and professional financial sector, on a level with other highly developed jurisdictions around the world.