Dear client, let’s talk about some hard cases )

Due to our company’s annual CRM audit which we run every year to find the most time consuming cases, bank account in EU is in the top 3. 

Few thoughts ..

So, no wonder that for business its time to time impossible case, seasoned experts spend same time frame to deliver opening in of such banks account as their colleagues to build corporate structure for middle size international business.

And our conclusion here is that the EU banking regulations pushing management of banks to ask too much question before open bank account for such business because this type of business activity is indeed young and really may be used as money laundering tool. Let’s think in through: no government control, no trusted tool to check real purpose of payment, I am not saying that there is a way to check it on other businesses but, we don’t make here comparisons because it’s case sensitive thing – bank account opening for bitcoin trader or miner etc.

Inference below.

Really there is a few ways to make things work here:

The first way (make it on your own).

  1. Find the EU member country which is so far not banned any coin business for money laundering, breach of some local laws etc. – let’s not forget that to build black list you need first to try something and only this way you obtain experience how not to do, governments of some EU members do the same practice (hint – especially the one which have not the best economy).
  2. Find bank with preferable fee table for your business. For example, if you run a coin exchange you may want to have 0 fee for inward payments and % based with limitation of amount of fee on outgoing payments.
  3. Really easy. Ask the bank about they KYC their requirements. Most of time banks asking for visit, documents legalization and notarized translation, economic connection to the region etc. Don’t be afraid, you can create it any time – just follow the check list.

Second way (give it to professional).

We are here 24/7 and ready to help any client who willing to collaborate and ready to get things done.

…aaand PROFIT !