Why you are not aware of this?

Because certain models of remote bank account opening through traditional banking solutions were successful before but not a lot of us were interested in those because all banks were ready to offer this options. Now they skipped it, but above mentioned models remain unchanged. Something that was probably completely useless for you become very useful, especially if you are looking for confidence and privacy.

Who provides this?

There are lots of banks around that provide services to small and medium companies or for groups of companies or even to service payments of one group of companies – founders of the bank, which created it just to satisfy their international payment needs.

Such solutions are the most of efficient and cost effective for large companies and groups with high monthly payment turnover.

But we are not talking about large companies here. What was accessible only for them, now is open for smaller operators: to get inexpensive offshore bank account opened remotely and to open it anonymously to avoid automatic exchange of information between banks and tax authorities implemented within a framework of OCED BEPS (Base Erosion and Profit Shifting) initiative since September 2017th.

How to do this best of all?

There are banks with indirect payment credentials, never advertise themselves. They are not interested in constant stream of clients and do not keep their doors open for all. Clearly not for ones with unlike business model.

This banks open accounts remotely, they don’t have problems with EUR/USD or any other currencies, black lists of offshore companies or restricted businesses because they do transfers on their own names and de jure the transferred funds formally belong to the bank (not to clients by SWIFT standpoint). The interrelations of correspondence banks and any party in process of processing of international payment orders between IBANs of sender and recipient of funds are absent.

The later is the main point of usability for you in case you are looking for offshore bank account with EU IBANS, SWIFT code, remote opening of bank account, guarantee of anonymity for third parties – this is a type of bank services you need. You do not need to have a expansive nominee services in your company to open an account there, you even can register company in EU and run your business through one of above mentioned banks.

These offshore banks are mad with one goal – to support existing business of their own.

But, there is a solution even if you are an “outsider”. It is possible to find a bank like that and use it for your own safe transfers. Usually people start by surfing GOOGLE to figure out what services and/or goods those banks (or their owners) are interested in.  Very often people limit their attempts to three standard steps.

  1. Search registered offshore banks based on lists of licenses and look up for their websites. After you find them and simply type a message of interest, see what happen. Don’t expect they get back to you soon and don’t remind about yourself. It does not work. In case a bank is interested to collaborate, you’ll get reply in 5-7 days as earliest. If not – never.
  2. Try to find lawyer who deliver services of support or collaborate with such bank and openly advertises such collaboration in social networks (Linkedin, Facebook). Be aware of crooks and be prepared to pay at least 150 USD hourly. Total count of billable hour is unpredictable. Guess why?
  3. Hire a law firm or a consulting company to help with the search or to provide you “match making” services, which from time to time costs 450-1500 USD per one such account.

In our case one need to think a little more twisted and innovative.

  1. Call directly and avoid all above three boring and useless steps. I might assure ou that the easiest way to find this bank is to contact us and provide the link but, it’s a cheap shot, we all know that this article is about to advertise services of the company which posted it, so let’s skip this obvious assumption and proceed with useful  information.

But don’t forget that this is not the kind of banks where you are going to open account for debits with %, to hold money there for years and so on. It’s a good place to receive funds and send funds – not more, not less than that.

If this is what you need – we are awaiting for your call, not for your prepayment.