There are lots of words around on this subject and too few meaningful answers on questions aroused lately. The most vital question is:

How to get solution from ICOs launchers without:

1) tons paychecks to lawyers,

2) sky-high banking and payment processing fees,

3)  delays in opening of a corporate structure and/or bank account,

4) onboarding troubles on payment processing services.

Here and now I am about to give our answers to offer explanation and motivation to all who are interested in ICO. It is by the way, the situation when to make the tale short I should start from the very beginning.

Story of this particular solution starts in a fin-tech segment at times when it was very unpopular to tell about them openly.  You might not know about them as far as they were not disclosed to wide audience simply because it was quite private solutions for large companies groups with turnovers big enough to create their own bank for their own needs and wire all the transfers without third party’s services.

After ICO became a reality, it appeared that above solutions would be ideal for this new phenomenon, and even more – it can be used not only for big players.

Hence, our idea was to offer such solutions to innovative ICOs, as we have a bank tailored to serve small businesses.

Moreover – to provide solutions in 3-5 banking days without a need to disclose KYC of clients on behalf of ICO, and with a costs of regular corporate structure implementation, no extras and high bills to be paid to lawyers or consultants.

We believe that nowadays when regulatory institutions of different countries around the Globe are closing their doors in face of progress that crypto currency brings to international business society. Both sides of modern financial sector – traditional banking and cryptocurrency – shall group in face of progress and work together to solve problems uncovered by modern and yet outdated banking system.

None of banks can make transfers as fast as blockchain. As  50 years ago there were no options of 24/7 international wire transfers, as 50 years later there is no efficient solutions for small international P2P credit platforms, and many more independent services may have chance to be brought to international society than regular banking system can provide.

But let’s face the fact that crypto currency is too far from independence from regular banking because any change of international financial structure takes a lot of time and common legal efforts. Hundreds of year people were using a paper currency and world banking is still too far from even non-cash transactions. To change cash transactions completely with crypto currency is even further and might be artificially blocked by political and legal means for ages.

Let’s do not wait those ages and make extra effort to make the day of crypto currency change the regulated currency come closer, let’s give a chance to any legal ICO tailored to solve problems caused by international banking system.

We already made our move. Now we offer to all what was accessible only for big businesses just a year ago:

  • opening in 3-5 banking days,
  • anonymity,
  • no prepayment.

We invite you to join the game and looking forward to do more for better banking system of tomorrow, real freedom of transactions and equality of big and small businesses.