Key benefits of brokerage company registration in Cyprus


Cyprus has managed to earn a reputation as not only a picturesque Mediterranean rarities, but also a major international business center. This country has become a haven not only for assorted commercial, industrial, holding, and brokerage company.

Creating your own brokerage company is a reasonable and cost-effective solution for discerning business in this matter. The development of such firms do not require the purchase of expensive heavy equipment, the presence of large-scale real estate and other major assets. The main thing for such businesses is access to global stock and currency markets,

Basics of Bitcoin understandable language 


Bitcoin is a relatively new concept. Because it among other things is a technological thing, for most people, it becomes something strange and even terrible. And although every day more and more people understand the value of electronic currencies Bitcoin, and in particular, many just need to explain what is the essence and how this thing works at all. That is what we are going to do in this material.

What is Bitcoin?

This is an electronic currency. It is a means of payment of the new format. This new approach to the conservation and transmission of values.