Trademark in Hong Kong


You can easily register trademark in Hong Kong just by failing it trough local IP Office, but there is variety of legal issues that you need to know about before start.

In this article I want to share with You information about the specifics of trademark registration in Hong Kong.
First of all, I would like to dwell on the fact that the Hong Kong Government, taking into account the great contribution of intellectual property in Hong Kong’s economy has devoted substantial resources to protect the rights of owners,

Mauritius is recognized by the international community financial center


One of the highly developed countries is offshore and the island nation of Mauritius. Initially, all the financial power of the country have been directed to cooperate with the Asian region. The largest historical partner of Mauritius remains India. After signing a series of agreements on avoidance of double taxation with several countries of the African region, Mauritius has become a full-fledged “gateway” for investment in Africa.
Offshore attractiveness of Mauritius
Despite its remoteness, the country is not deprived of the attention of the international community.

An offshore Bank account and a long trip to a foreign banking

An offshore Bank account and a long trip to a foreign banking cropped-good-course.jpg

A huge number of stories from around the world tell us about the financial mistakes and failures that have plagued the people because of inattention to the country’s financial situation, the banking sector and to all signals that are about to descend into trouble. The long history of existence of the banking sector have repeatedly showed and proved that nothing can last forever, and as soon as the problem starts in one country, the rest start to rapidly move away from it,

Internet Acquiring and Merchant account



Internet Acquiring and Merchant account

The Acquiring (acquiring – the acquisition) is the payment for goods and services by credit card via POS-terminal (found in grocery stores). However, there is an alternative receiving payments from credit card, it does not require the physical presentation – the internet acquiring.

The Internet acquiring system involves the use of electronic payment systems and a special web interface to pay for goods and services via the Internet map. The Mobile acquiring enables payments using mPOS-terminal connected to the smartphone with the appropriate application,

A full and detailed process of company registration in Austria






The number of businesspeople who want to open a Company in Austria, from Eastern Europe and the CIS is increasing every year. They are attracted by the stability of the economy, loyal business environment and low inflation.

We will talk about the two most popular forms of business activities in Austria in this article : Open Joint Stock Company (AG) and Limited Liability Company (GmbH).

The Austrian Gesellschafr mit beschränkter Haftung each member owns a share in the authorized capital,

An offshore account in MEINL BANK AG


Opening an offshore bank account – this is a very important procedure at the stage of structuring, both personal and corporate assets. Attractive banking sector offer not only offshore jurisdiction located overseas, but respectable jurisdiction of the Old World. For Your attention, I want to introduce an offshore Bank established in Vienna MEINL BANK AG.

Today, MEINL BANK AG is one of the largest private banks in Austria and offers not only professional service, but also guarantees the security and confidentiality for their clients.

Singapore as a Business Jurisdiction


Singapore as a Business Jurisdiction

Singapore is a global commerce, transportation and financial hub, ranked as the “Easiest place to do business” for nine consecutive years by the World Bank.

The official languages of Singapore are English,

What Is an EIN and Does Your Business Need One?

загруженноеWhat Is an EIN and Does Your Business Need One?

Much like a Social Security number for individual taxpayers, an Employer Identification Number — also called a Federal Tax Identification Number — is how the IRS identifies your company. Business owners use their EINs to conduct activities that would otherwise require a Social Security number.

The federal government and many state and local identification number used to identify your organization. An EIN – it is a nine-digit number,