Trademarks & patents

It is convenient and safe to register trademark or patent with KLSWW team. You easily can order our services using different online and offline means and we will take care of procedure in any part of the World for you. Our task is to provide you with the solution, not just service.

When you become a Client, first of all you move part of your problems and time eating procedures away to skilled professionals. We are not just trademark or patent for you, we provide you with fully maintained and registered intellectual property right by the most efficient solution and package of documents and all additional documents to legalization of such package as may any be required by acting law or your future partners require.

If you are about to register trademark or patent and not sure regarding the exact location and/or class for such, you are always welcomed to contact us for free initial consultation.

Mainly our Clients order services of analysis and registration trademark or number of trademarks to start new business or business activity in new location. Registration may be a piece of work but, with assistance of our specialists you’ll receive ready made solution.

To register trademark or patent with us you don’t need to fill any forms, documents, etc. All what you need is to send an e-mail and get free initial consultation then when all discussed we will provide you with services.

Please contact us directly, and our experts will help you to choose the best solution and the most suitable procedural path for you.


Soon we will add more info about privileges of such solution at our Blog.

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