Terms of Services


1.1. This document is a public offer of Key Legal Solutions Worldwide Ltd – a legal entity registered under the laws of the Seychelles, hereinafter referred to as “Contractor” and contains all the essential terms of the provision of information and consulting services.
1.2. The Public Offer is an official document and published on the website of the Contractor at the address: http://thatlawfirm.com/terms-of-services/
1.3. In case of payment for services, legal or natural person thereby confirming the adoption and acceptance of the following terms of the Public Offer and becomes the Customer. The Contractor with the Customer together – Parties of the Public Offer.
1.4. Public Offer does not require signing and stamped by the Customer and maintaining full force and effect.
1.5. In connection with aforementioned, Customer must attentively read the text of this Public Offer and in case of disagreement with the terms and conditions – refuse to conclude the Public Offer and using of the Contractor’s services.
2.1. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the Contractor shall provide the services specified in the Invoice and the Customer undertakes to pay for these services in accordance with the Invoice.
3.1. Customer makes acceptance of the Public Offer by prepaid of the Contractor’s services in respect of which the Public Offer is concludes. Customer’s acceptance of this Public Offer means that he/she is fully agreed with all the provisions of this Public Offer.
3.2. By acceptance of the Public Offer in the order specified in paragraph. 3.1 of the Public Offer, the Customer warrants that he/she is familiar, agree, fully and unconditionally accept all the terms of the Public Offer in the form in which they are presented.
4.1. The Contractor undertakes to:
4.1.1. To organize and ensure the proper provision of services.
4.1.2. Use all personal data and confidential information about the Customer only for provision of services, do not transfer and do not show information indicated in documentation and customer information to the third parties.
4.1.3. Giving oral and written consultations on additional issues of the Customer. The amount and timing of counseling, and the form of consultation is determined in each case independently by the Contractor.
4.2. The Contractor is entitled to:
4.2.1. Unilaterally determine the value of the services provided and to change the terms of this Public Offer.
4.2.2. Independently determine the form and methods of services providing on the basis of legal requirements, technical capabilities, as well as the specific conditions of the agreement taking into account wishes of the Customer.
4.2.3. Use the services of any natural persons or legal entities, for the purpose of timely and quality fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement. Independently determine the composition of professionals providing services, and at its discretion to distribute the work between them.
4.2.4. To demand payment for rendered services or for services which are providing.
4.2.5. To refuse providing services for Customer in the case of non-payment (partial payment) for services in a timely manner, at untimely providing of the application for the provision of services. 4.2.6. To get from the Customer any information which is necessary to perform its obligations under the Agreement. In case of any incorrect or incomplete information which was provided by the Customer the Contractor is entitled to suspend performance of its obligations under the Agreement before providing the necessary information.
4.3. The Customer undertakes:
4.3.1. Timely and fully pay the cost of Contractor’s providing services in the order, in time and in the amount set forth herein.
4.3.2. To provide the Contractor with all the information and data which would be necessary to fulfill its obligations under Agreement.
4.3.3. Do not disclose confidential information and other data provided by the Contractor in connection with the execution of this Agreement.
4.4. The Customer has the right to:
4.4.1. To demand from the Contractor to provide information about the organization and proper ensuring of the Services provision.
4.4.2. To demand proper and timely provision of the Services by the Contractor.
5.1. Term of services negotiated individually with the Customer and starts to run from the date of receipt by the Contractor of all the required amount of information from the Customer.
6.1. The costs of services are determined by the Contractor in accordance with the tariffs which posted on the website www.thatlawfirm.com
6.2. All prices are in US dollars.
6.3. Payment for Services under this Agreement shall be made on the basis of 100% prepayment and in the manner prescribed by this Agreement.
6.4. The Customer is solely responsible for the accuracy of payments. The moment of payment is considered after receipt of funds to the Contractor’s bank account.
6.5. Contractor reserves the right to change rates at their discretion.
6.6. Rates indicated for standard services. In case of provision of the additional Services, the value will be increased accordingly.
6.7. The fee for the provision of Services for registration and company annually maintenance is charged in advance and annually thereafter.
6.8. Fee for the Contractor’s services is not refundable and does not include the tariffs of the bank.
6.9. If the Customer provides incomplete, false or contradictory information, which affected for the outcome of the provided Services to the Customer, the Contractor reserves the right not to refund the Customer’s payments made for these Services.
7.1. The Parties are responsible for any failure to perform its obligations under the Agreement in accordance with the laws of Great Britain.
7.2. The Contractor shall be responsible for the timely implementation of the provided Services if the Customer performing all specified terms according to present agreement.
7.3. The Contractor shall not be liable for non-receipt of the Customer’s Services and the produced payment in this case is not refundable and not transferred to the other Services in the following cases:
7.3.1. Customer’s email address which was specified at the time of the Service is not available.
7.3.2. The Customer can not receive the purchased Services by reason of his technical or other problems.
8.1. Despite the fact that we have made every effort to ensure that the information contained on sites affiliated with KLSWW, is accurate, it is not legal or other professional advice. Using sites affiliated with KLSWW, You acknowledge and agree that:
8.2. These materials are not legal or tax opinion. Any recommendations contained in them, are not intended for direct adoption of similar solutions directly and published solely for informational purposes.
8.3. Submissions can not be used to violate any law in any jurisdiction, including for tax evasion or other unlawful activity Company KLSWW accepts no responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any errors or omissions which may be contained on sites affiliated with KLSWW. Similarly, for the decisions that have been taken by any person on the basis of information from these sites, as well as for the consequences resulting from the adoption of these decisions.
8.4. You are using the materials provided on sites affiliated with KLSWW, is at your own risk. KLSWW makes no guarantees on any of the results or consequences.
8.5. KLSWW is not responsible for any ( direct, incidental, indirect, consequential, awarded to, lost profits, etc.) damage or any other tangible and intangible losses, including non-pecuniary damage (reputation), or other damages, regardless by notice to the Company KLSWW, arising from: You fully understand and agree that KLSWW is not liable for damages of any nature, including lost profits, damage to reputation, damage from use, or any other tangible and intangible losses, etc., arising due to: Changes in the conditions and procedures of the contract (agreement) Statements or conduct of any entity directly or indirectly related to our services; Use, not use or inability to use the services provided; Unauthorized access to your personal information or change your transmit or information stored on the server; Any other case pertaining to the services rendered by KLSWW.
9.1. KLSWW is deeply aware of the importance of respecting the integrity and the confidentiality and privacy of personal information. You can use sites affiliated with KLSWW, without giving their personal data. We only collect information about users of the site which is provided voluntarily by them on the contacts provided by us or otherwise.
9.2. None of our employees, in addition to those directly with your work, do not have access to your data. IT specialists monitor the safety of your information, but has no authority to implement access to it.
9.3. All stored personal information is protected and stored encrypted using AES with a primary key length of 256 bits and a block of 128 bits. Every employee who works with personal information, signed NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement ) and shall bear the burden of responsibility for its integrity. We will not use your data for their own purposes and not disclose them to third parties, including not resell your personal identifying information for marketing purposes. Any communication between our employees are going through an encrypted connection with a key length of at least 256 bits, with all of our channels of communication with the outside world is further encrypted protocols IPSEC. All connections to our sites safe and encrypted via SSL. Our own IT department monitors the security of our communications 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. KLSWW reserves the right to unilaterally amend this privacy policy. This policy does not mean or imply a contract or agreement between the KLSWW and the user visiting the site or providing personal information.
10.1. Copyright, including the exclusive right to the materials (content) on sites affiliated with KLSWW, owned by KLSWW. Use of this content or part of content from this site in any way except for personal reference, is possible only with the written consent of the KLSWW. KLSWW is a trademark registered in the appropriate order. All rights to its use KLSWW.
10.2. To use the name, logo, or other items belonging to KLSWW, requires special permission KLSWW. Unauthorized use of the name or logo will be prosecuted. If you suspect that the content on this site infringes your copyright, you have the right to notify KLSWW about it. Appeals will only be accepted in writing and must contain the following information: Reference to material that violates copyright Specify the source, URL address where you think the original is stored this material (seed) Your contact information Your reasons why and what part of your copyright Confirm that you have the right to act on behalf of the person whose copyright may be infringed. Appeals will only be accepted by mail, fax or email.
11.1. This Public Offer has the power of the Service Acceptance Certificate. Acceptance is performed without signing of the correspondence. Services shall be considered as properly rendered and in the full amount if within two days from the date of the Service provision the Customer does not make a claim.
11.2. Customer’s claims for the Services provided by the Contractor are taking into consideration within 10 (business) days from the date when the dispute arose and through an email – complaints@thatlawfirm.com.
11.3. Contractor and the Customer taking into account the nature of the Service provided and undertake in the case of disputes and disagreements relating to the provision of Services to apply the pre-trial procedure for settling the dispute.
11.4. Matters arising from the interpretation and application of this Agreement and are not regulated by it are governed by the laws in force of the United Kingdom. The Parties shall use all reasonable efforts to settle through negotiations any disputes arising out of this Agreement, in connection with it or its violation, termination or validity.
11.6. All services shall be paid by Costumer solely according to the Invoice sent form: info@thatlawfirm.com.
12.1. The time of conclusion of this Agreement shall be the moment of payment enrollment to the Contractor’s account.
12.2. The Customer enters into this Public Offer voluntarily, while the Customer: a) fully acquainted with the conditions of the Public Offer; b) fully understands the subject and conditions of the Public Offer; c) fully understands the meaning and consequences of their actions in relation to the conclusion and execution of the Public Offer.
12.3. The Customer has all the rights and powers required for the conclusion and execution of the Public Offer.
12.4. The Customer may at any time unilaterally refuse the Contractor’s Services. In the case of unilateral Customer’s refusal from the Contractor’s Services the payment is not refundable.
12.5. For all matters not covered in this Agreement, Parties shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom.
13.1. Parties are released from liability for complete or partial failure to fulfill obligations under the Agreement if the failure to fulfill obligations was caused by force majeure, such as: fire, flood, earthquake, strikes, wars, acts of public authorities or others, do not depend on the circumstances of the Parties.
13.2. Party which can not fulfill obligations under the Agreement must promptly but not later than 10 calendar days after the force majeure to notify the other Party in written form with the provision of supporting documents issued by the competent authorities.